Public Retirement Plan Administration Elearning Part 1: Fundamentals of Plan Design

Three, 90-minute recorded webinars with 15 question CE exam to earn 1.5 CE credits per session.

Retail: $225.00

Continuing Education Credits Available:
Approved for 4.5 CRC CE credits (1.5 per monthly session). 15 question exam required for each session. Reporting to InFRE for CRC CE credits is free. Please include your CRC ID number at checkout.

  • 3, 90-minute previously recorded courses (4.5 hours of content)

  • Print version of “Fundamentals of Plan Design”, Part 1 of the Retirement Plan Administrator Series by InFRE, a $150 value

  • Audio versions of each course are available for download

  • Certificate of completion suitable for framing is awarded upon successful completion of 12, fifteen-question online exams
Course Description:
Part 1 of InFREs Fundamentals of Plan Design Live Training Webinars will provide you with comprehensive knowledge of the various types of retirement plans available to private and public sector employers. This material will help all parties involved with this benefit program from employers to third party providers understand the issues to consider when putting a plan into place and maintaining it to be compliant with federal tax laws and regulations, and to meet the changing needs of employees.

In this course you will gain an understanding of the origins of employer-sponsored retirement programs and how they have changed over the past 50-plus years. The various tax laws and regulations that govern these plans are also explained as well as current trends and issues that are having an impact on the industry and retirement professionals.

You will finish the course with a thorough understanding of the various types of retirement plans qualified versus nonqualified, defined benefit versus defined contribution, etc. and how they differ. You will be able to examine the pros and cons of each arrangement from a legal and regulatory perspective as well as the benefits each can provide to the employer and their workforce to identify which plan type is most appropriate for a specific audience.

Topics covered in this course include:
  • Introduction to Retirement Plans

  • Compensation Planning and the Role of Retirement Plans

  • Key Legislation

  • Rules Governing Qualified Plans

  • Defined Benefit Plans

  • Defined Contribution Plans Profit Sharing, Stock Bonus and ESOP Plans

  • Defined Contribution Plans CODAs/401(k) and SIMPLE Savings Plans

  • Hybrid Plans

  • Governmental and Non-Profit Employer Plans 457, 403(b), and Federal Thrift Savings Plans

  • Keogh Plans, SEP IRA Plans, and IRAs

  • Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

  • Implementing a Retirement Plan